Welcome to year 5!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to an exciting new year at Bessemer.

Autumn term one:

In our first few days together, we talked about what we want to be when we grow up. We have a wide range of amazing, ambitious career aspirations!

This term, our topic will be Roman Britain. We have an exciting trip planned to the London Mithraeum, to view an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the God Mythras. Here we are working together to make timelines showing some of the key periods in history and where the Romans fit in to this. We also learned important facts in Roman history and when they happened.

In English, we are studying the text ‘Julius Zebra’ which follows a zebra who finds himself at the centre of a gladiator battle!

We have also been enjoying reading a range of new books in our book corner, especially getting to rate our book of the week, ‘Rosie Reveer, Engineer.’

In maths we have been exploring place value using concrete and pictorial aids and have been doing lots of fun problem solving tasks.

Our science topic this term is ‘Properties of Materials’ and in computing we will be creating our own games using ‘Scratch’. In outdoor PE we will be focusing on Netball for this half term and in indoor PE we have been doing problem solving and team work. Here we are working together to give and follow clear instructions to make a collaborative shape with our eyes shut!

Keep an eye out for more updates and photos throughout the year.

We are nearing the end of what has been a lovely first half term of the year!

We had a great time on our trip to the London Mythraeum. It was really immersive to experience a Roman temple under the streets of the city.

We have loved learning about Roman Britain and have produced some amazing work, including a written report on the Boudiccan rebellion. Here we are playing our own Roman God Top trumps game which we created in class:

I hope you all have an enjoyable and restful break and look forward to seeing you next half term.

Autumn term 2

Its been another busy term in 5JB! We’ve loved learning about the Victorians through lots of immersive activities and through our study of Little Match Girl and A Christmas Carol.

Here we are on our trip to the Southwark Cathedral, where we were immersed in a Victorian classroom experience. We learnt what it was like for boys and girls living in Victorian times and how lucky children who went to school were, compared to those sent out to work.

Using what we learnt on our trip, 5JB produced a wonderful class assembly about Victorian school life. Well done to all of you and thanks for helping the children to learn their lines!

We had great fun getting involved with the ‘Big Move’ for Children in Need. Here we are getting active along with the live stream work out.

We were really lucky to have a workshop especially for year 5 in which we could become part of the story of A Christmas Carol through drama. We loved getting involved and acting out this story and it has helped us to produce some beautiful writing this term.

Thanks for another great term and have a lovely Christmas break! See you in the New Year.

Spring term one:

This term, for Topic, we have enjoyed learning more about our wonderful home city London! In this geography based unit we have developed our mapping skills, discovered more about the formation of rivers (especially The Thames) and learnt about the history of many of London’s famous landmarks. We’ve also enjoyed getting creative, and have produced some wonderful London sky lines and artistic maps. We used ‘Inkscape’ to create skylines on the computers and also used paint to produce handmade made versions, in the style of artist Patrick Caulfield.

In English, we have been reading ‘The London Eye Mystery’, an excellent story by Siobhan Dowd about the puzzling disappearance of a young boy called Salim, whilst on The Eye.  We were lucky enough to visit the London Eye ourselves and had a brilliant time admiring London’s skyline from above. (Luckily no-one went missing this time, but we did manage to rule out a few theories about where Salim may have gone!)

We were also lucky enough to go on another trip this half term to the Unicorn Theatre, where we really enjoyed watching ‘The Bee in Me’, followed by a blustery walk along the Thames.

Enjoy the half term break everyone!

Spring term two:

This term, in English, we have been reading King Kong, by Anthony Browne. We loved getting in to the story on our first day back to school, by investigating the destruction discovered in our classroom! We’ve produced some amazing pieces of writing including job adverts, diaries, tension scenes, character descriptions and we even made up our own war chants and routines.

Our topic this half term has been Mexico. We’ve loved learning about this colourful and exciting country and their culture, as well as developing some new geography and mapping skills. Here we are with the globes we made to help us learn about lines of longitude and latitude. We also made 3D artistic maps of Mexico and our own vibrant Day of The Dead skulls.

This half term has  been full of special events, starting with World Book Day. We had a great time dressing up as our favourite book characters, hearing from a real author and getting to chose a new book of our own at the Book Swap!

Next up was Science Week! We were lucky enough to have 2 special workshops; ‘Zoolab’, in which we handled and learnt about live animals and a ‘Biodiversity’ session in the nature garden where we looked at insects through a microscope, used a pully system to swing in a hammock, discovered many animals and most importantly got very muddy!

During Sports Week we had a great time getting active in class with maths and English themed workout videos. We took on extra physical challenges in the playground and we even got to dress up in sports gear on Friday. We kept track of the physical activities we were doing in order to ensure we met our target of 60 mins exercise per day. Well done everyone!

Thanks for a brilliant half term.

Don’t forget to check out some of the home learning suggestions provided to use over the next few weeks.

Stay safe and well everyone and hope to see you again very soon x