5KL 2018/19


5KL’s class party.

Sports Day!



Year 5 have been looking at the poem The Magic Box by Kit Wright in English this week. We decided to write our own version together as a class, with all the things that we like or are special to us.


The Magic Box by 5KL


I will put into the box

The glimmering shine of the Northern Lights,

Crickets chirping in the long grass,

The scent of freshly ground coffee.


I will put into the box

A cloudless blue sky,

A soft note from a well-used piano,

A dancing raindrop falling down the window.


I will put into the box

Beating my dad in our first kick-around,

The bark of a beloved dog,

And the joy of finishing a book.


I will put into the box

The cheeky grins of my friends,

A lie-in on a Sunday morning,

And the rosy sunrise of a new day.



Our topic this term is space! We are looking forward to seeing some great artistic homework!


Some fantastic costumes from World Book Day!


We have had a busy start to the 2019. Our topic this term is London.

In English we have been reading the London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. It is a story about a boy called Salim, who goes on the London Eye but never comes off. His cousins, Kat and Ted, who watched him board the Eye, try to work out where he could be and how he could have disappeared without anyone seeing him! We are still waiting to find out how he manages it.

In computing we created London skylines using a program called Inkscape and in art we painted our own London scenes in the style of the artist Patrick Caulfield.

We also had a fantastic trip to the London Eye! Thankfully, no one vanished.


We have been learning about different forces in science, which has involved a lot of interesting investigations.


Last week year 5 had a dance workshop, which was really fun!

And have enjoyed a trip to Two Temple Place.


5KL have had a wonderful first term!

We had an exciting visit from some students at Dulwich College, who brought some reptiles with them.

We began Samba lessons and will continue in the Summer term.

We made Roman shields.

And we visited Southwark Cathedral to experience a Victorian classroom.



5KL have had a great start to the year!

We have done lots of art, including these fabulous sunset images with animal silhouettes. They have made a lovely display for our classroom.

Our topic this term is the Romans, and year 5 really enjoyed their trip to the Docklands Museum to learn more about it. We are currently designing and making Roman shields.



5KL Southwark Cathedral