Welcome to 5KL!!!

Spring 1



Hi 5KL,

Hope you are all happy and healthy and coping with everything. Hopefully you are getting into the swing of being at home and have some kind of structure to your day. I’ve been doing PE with Joe Wicks each morning and I hope you have too! Remember, if that doesn’t fit into your family’s routine, you can do it later on in the day (or more than once).

I have set some more Mathletics tasks for my maths group but keep working on the home learning resources too. Try to complete fractions (finding fractions of amounts and multiplying fractions by a whole number) before Easter. We will have some more structured lessons after the holidays.

I’m not going to set you any more work yet but remember to keep going with Duolingo if you can. And if you need a break from all the reading I’m sure you are doing, Audible after also offering free story audiobooks for children at the moment. Lastly, if you have Disney + (which you can get a 7 day free trial for), you can watch the film of Holes (the book we were reading in class).

Keep smiling and stay safe and remember to be kind!

Miss Lewis x


As you will know from the newsletter, we are having a big focus on vocabulary this term and year 5 have been working hard to learn a lot of new words. Below is a list of words we have been reading and defining. It would be great if you could discuss these with your children at home and see if they can remember the meanings.
















Our class assembly is next week and it would be great to see a lot of parents there!!

Autumn 2


Here are some photographs from our trip to the Victorian classroom at Southwark Cathedral. The children dressed up, were given a Victorian name and had an arithmetic lesson and practised handwriting on slates.

We also really enjoyed The Christmas Carol workshop, where the children were able to take on the roles of the characters in the story and act out the book.


I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing half term holiday! This half term our topic is the Victorians. We will be going on a trip to Southwark Cathedral to experience what life would have been like in a Victorian school.

In English, we will be reading The Little Match Girl and A Christmas Carol.


Autumn 1

We have really enjoyed our Romans topic this year. We have made Roman shields (photos to come) and learnt all about the legacy of the Romans and what they brought to England.

We looked at the differences between Celtic roundhouses and Roman villas, and made our own roundhouses out of clay.




We also wrote a poem about a Roman battlefield using many different types of figurative language, including similes, metaphors and personification, as well as learning all about Boudicca’s rebellion.

In computing, we have made games on Scratch and in PE we have been playing netball and bench ball.


5KL really enjoyed their trip to the London Mithraeum last week to learn more about the Romans and discover some of the Roman artefacts found in London during the Blitz.





Welcome back! 5KL have had a great start to the year!

We had a great first week and have produced some lovely art work, which will be on show in the exhibition.

Our first topic is the Romans and we are currently reading the book Julius Zebra.

5KL will be going on a trip to a Roman Temple at the end of September.