6BN 2018/19

Welcome To 6BN


Welcome to the Autumn term 

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We have already begun to work hard this year. We have created paper insect collages and endangered animal prints. 

Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. We will be visiting the British Museum on Tuesday September 19th. If you would like to learn more about the Ancient Greeks take a look at the following link.

Ancient Greece

Greek Art 

During our topic about Ancient Greece we made our own sandals, Greek masks and created Greek pots.

Autumn 2

This half term we have been studying the Maya. We have learnt about their ancient civilisation, their way of life,beliefs, art and architecture. We have made comparisons between the Mayans and other histroical groups.

Here are some photos of our Mayan masks.

Look at our weaving! If you want to try this at home have a look at the follwoing video link to help you. https://youtu.be/X53ZXcHoR_c



Today we made some Mayan Chocolates using 74% chocolate, chilli and cinnamon !

Spring 1 and 2

Our topic this term has been Japan, so far we have learnt about the geographical landscape and some of the art forms and crafts that comes from Japan. In art we have made our own fans decorating them with a cherry blossom flower. We have researched the history of the Kokeshi doll and made our own out of clay. Later this term we will be making our own sushi, creating information leaflets and designing and making our own rickshaw.

Kokeshi Dolls

Mount Fuji and The Wave

Japanese Fans

Japanese Persuasive Writing

Spring 2

We have continued to learn anout Japan this term. We have made our own moving rickshaws and created salt dough maps. We have compared Japanese home to our own and created fact files about Japan. We have also made our own Sushi and tried some wasabi! 

Esme and Nicole homes in Japan 27.03.19

Ridwan and Henrik homes in japan

Japanese Fact Files


Salt Dough Maps

In RE we have been looking at art in religion. We have made our own rangoli patterns and created beautiful prayermats.


We have had a busy summer term, we have visited Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Thames Foreshaw as well as starting our work on reducing plastic use. 

In geography we have been looking at the river Thames and how it is formed and its features. We used material, photos and the interenet to create our own physical map. 

We visited Dulwich Picture Gallery to explore the natural form, we created mono prints using our pencil sketches.

We have been looking closely at still life drawings, using pen and ink we sketched fish and used different lines and textures to create beautiful drawings.

In preperation for carnival we have begun to create a batik banner and make our headresses.

We recently visited Burgess park BMX track, the children were really brave and all had a go on the giant track!

Here are some of the adventures we got on during school journey.