Welcome to Summer 1

It’s hard to believe there is only one term to go before we wave the children off to secondary school!

This half term our topic is Splash!

We started by looking at the course of a river, learning the parts together before chalking our own in the playground.

In art we have been drawing fish. We hope to use pen and ink and flour resist to develop our work.

In PE we are looking at balances.


Spring Term

Welcome back!

We are so pleased to be back in school. We have been continuing with our Japan topic.

For red nose day we raced balancing a red ball on a bat. Much fun was had!

We have been looking at the story of Rapunzel. We publish our the witches’ curses in an appropriate shape for the story.

We made salt dough relief maps of the UK and Japan to investigate the issues of high land.

Welcome to 6MS!

It’s great to see you all back in school again.

We have settled in quickly and are already hard at work.

We have been working on a piece of art with the theme of identity, based around our eyes.

Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. After reading a myth about the Cyclops, we made an origami eye.

In science we tested if we could see in the dark and concluded that we need light to see.

We have inferred a lot about daily life from looking at the images on Greek pots.

In English we used a variety of tenses to write postcards, imagining we were in Crete.


Watch out for our art in the virtual gallery this week