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Welcome to Little Stars


Welcome to Little Stars. Please click on the links below for more information.

  1. Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Here at little stars our vision is to provide high quality, play based early childhood education for 2 year olds in the local community. We ensure a safe, nurturing, home from home environment where children’s needs and interests inspire planning to extend learning. Children make use of a range of indoor and outdoor spaces with the best resources which allow children to maximise their learning experience. All of our staff members are carefully selected; with great emphasis placed on the right mix of qualifications, personality and life experience. We foster a culture where staff are warm and caring to ensure supportive relationships with children and families.

  2. The Team

    The Team

    Doris Osei – Senior Room Leader


    Corrina Bennett – Deputy Room Leader


    Marie Virassamy – Nursery Nurse


    Cheryl O’Riordon – Nursery Nurse


    Sophia Danesi – Nursery Nurse


    Jackie Davies – Nursery Nurse


    Hayley McNamara – Nursery Assistant



  3. Enrollment Information

    Enrollment Information

    To apply for a place in Little Stars please complete an application form by either asking at the main school office or downloading the form here.  Please note that there are two forms, one for children who are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education for 2 year olds, and one for those who are not and who need a privately funded place.



    Once you have completed the form your child will be placed on the waiting list. A place will be offered once one becomes available after your child’s second birthday. You will be informed of the offer of a place in writing and we may also call you to check whether you still want the place before we send the written offer. (Please remember to inform us if your contact details change while your child is on our waiting list.)

    Once you have accepted a place for your child you will be sent an enrolment pack and given a date for an enrolment meeting.  Please complete the paperwork in the pack as far as possible and bring it with you to the enrolment meeting along with the documents listed in the letter (identification and your child’s red book).  Do not worry if there are parts of the paperwork that you are unsure about, we will be happy to help during the meeting.

    Please bring your child with you to the enrolment meeting. The meeting will be with their key worker and they will go through the enrolment paperwork with you. The paperwork includes important information about your child around things such as eating, sleeping, interests, any additional needs etc. Please take as much time as you need to ensure that you are confident that we know everything we need to in order to meet your child’s needs.  The key worker will also take this opportunity to talk to your child and start to build their relationship as well as showing them around the nursery.

    At the enrolment meeting the key worker will agree a start date with you and discuss our settling in period. We offer 5 hours of free settling in sessions before we start charging nursery fees. You are also welcome to visit nursery and stay with your child in addition to the 5 hours. A suggested model for settling in would be; visit the nursery once or twice and stay with your child during the session, then leave them for half an hour one day, an hour the next day, then an hour and a half and finally two hours just before their start date. From the agreed start date we will start to charge full nursery fees.

  4. General Information
  5. General Information