Bessemer Bikes

Bessemer has recently joined the Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes to School forum, working with the local community to improve road safety in our local area.  They have shared this fantastic map (Dulwich & Herne Hill walking & cycling map – A4) with us, which shows how you can plan your route to get to school on foot or by bike as safely as possible. We hope you find it as useful as have.

We are working hard to secure funding from the council to continue to expand our cycling provision at Bessemer. We are hoping to create a pool of balance bikes and bikes for our Early Years and to offer a mechanic course to KS2 after half-term. Please let us know if you have anything other ideas or if you are keen to help us with our plans.

Bessemer hosted Peddle My Wheels at our Winter Fair and it was a roaring success! We had 40 bikes put up for sale and Alper was busy helping everyone find their new dream bike.  If you think you missed out at the Fair you can check out the Peddle My Wheels website to find out where the market will be popping up over the next few weeks.

In January a group of year 6 will be taking part in a ‘Build a Bike’ course that will teach them how to build and maintain a bike, as well as giving them a bike of their own to keep. Cycleworks will be running the course using second hand bikes and we would be very grateful for any bike donations that could be used by the children taking part.

This term Tim has been working with children in KS2 running Bessemer Bike Club. They have been practising their road skills so that on Monday November 10th they can ride up to the Herne Hill Velodrome and take part in a track riding taster session. Perhaps we’ll discover Bessemer has the new Laura Trott or Bradley Wiggins!

Our new bike sheds are now nearly finished with new covered spaces for both child and adult bikes. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the sponsored ride for their hard work, as well as everyone at F@B for their generous donation to our building fund.

We were delighted to see so many of you taking part in our ride last Friday and were amazed that close to 150 of us took part on our bikes and scooters.  This is a fantastic achievement and we really hope that lots of you will keep riding over the summer. Well done!

UK Bike Week runs from June 16th to 20th this year and to celebrate Bessemer will be holding a sponsored bike ride in Dulwich Park. There will be three distances to choose from; 1 mile, 3 miles or 5 miles. Balance bikes and scooters will also be allowed to take part and there will be a celebration picnic for all those taking part.

All money raised will go towards building new weatherproof bike shelters at Bessemer.

There will be a procession leaving school at 2pm on Friday 20th June and children (and parents!) can choose to either walk or scoot their bikes to the park or take part in a ride led by Tim Warin, our Bike It officer. It would be lovely to have as many parents and carers along to support the children, as well as ensuring everyone gets to the park safely.

There will be a prize for the person raising the most money, as well as prizes for the ‘best dressed bike’, ‘best dressed scooter’ and ‘best cycling costume’.

We hope that lots of you will be inspired to get involved and help raise money to support cycling at our school.

The half-term holidays are approaching and if you are looking for something bike based to do, you could take part in BMX riding at Burgess Park or the Herne Hill Velodrome’s school holiday bike club.

You can find out more about the BMX riding at Burgess Park by clicking here and the Herne Hill Velodrome’s holiday club by clicking here.


We hope lots of you are continuing to cycle to school after last month’s excellent ‘Smoothie Breakfast’. In June we will be holding our very own sponsored bike ride to raise money for some new weather-proof bike sheds so you will be able to keep your bike dry, whatever the weather!

Check out the Dulwich Saferoutes website to find out more about cycling safely in our area.

Next term Bessemer will be launching its very own ‘Bessemer Bike Club’ and is looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping run the club on Saturday mornings. We are hoping to offer cycle coaching training for all interested adults. If you would like to volunteer, please let either the office or Mrs Foster (1AF) know.

We were delighted to see so many children and carers taking part in the ‘Learn to Ride’ sessions. Tim, our Bike It officer, led the session and by the end most of the children taking part were able to ride without their stabilisers. What a fantastic achievement! Here are some pictures of the happy cyclists:

Bessemer Grange is now officially a Sustrans ‘Bike It’ school. Our school Bike It officer is Tim Warin and he will be organising lots of cool bike themed events for us over the next few months to try to get us all on our bikes.

Already Dr Bike has visited, fixing flat tyres, changing brake pads and greasing squeaky chains. If you missed out, he’ll be back at the summer fair in July and will give you bike a health check in return for a donation to the F@B.