Butterflies 2016/17

Welcome to Butterflies!

We’ve had a brilliant time settling into Butterfly class. We have been painting, writing, dressing up, playing outside, building,  counting, singing, and most importantly, making lots of new friends!







October 2016

We have been reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen in Nursery this week, so we’ve been practising going over, under and through different obstacles in our playground!

December 2016

We’ve been feeling very festive in Butterfly class! We have been decorating the christmas tree in our classroom…

…counting presents under some trees…

…making our own snowpeople…

…and investigating what happens to ice when it gets warm!


Have a lovely holiday Butterflies!

February 2017

Butterfly class celebrated Chinese New Year in style! We made a dragon and did a dragon dance. We also chopped vegetables and made a stir fry – it was so yummy!

March 2017

We have been looking at Pirates this term. We’ve made pirate hats, dressed up, opened a pirate shop, dug for treasure and much more! Y’arrrrgh me hearties!