Butterfly 2020

Welcome to Butterfly Class

Welcome to the Butterfly Class web page!

We will be updating our page throughout the year with pictures of the children involved in various learning opportunities.

We have had a great first week in nursery, here are some of the highlights. It’s been lots of fun.


The children have been reading the story of Owl Babies this week. As a part of the story, the children visited the Nature Garden to collect sticks, twigs and leaves to make nests for the owls. The children really enjoyed themselves, here are some highlights from their visit.


In Butterfly Class, we have been talking about our families. The children then decided to draw some pictures and representations of their household. Here are some of their creations.


The children really enjoy visiting the Nature Garden. This week we went on a Minibeast Hunt!

The children have been reading the story of ‘Whatever Next’ which is about a bear who travels to the moon and has a picnic with an owl. In relation to the story, Butterfly Class made jam sandwiches and had their very own picnic on the moon. It was a great day, here are some highlights. 

This half- term we changed our role play area into a campsite! The children have really enjoyed playing in the tent and having picnics with their friends.

We have been going into the top hall to carry out ring game activities and exercises. Here are the children in action.

As a part of Children in Need, the children dressed up in sports wear and joined in with Joe Wick’s PE challenge. 

We have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. The children decided to make porridge and chose the toppings they wanted to put in it.

As a part of the festive activities, the school hosted ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. Butterfly Class enjoyed coming to school dressed in their festive clothing.

Butterfly Class had their Christmas lunch today and they had an amazing time. The dinner hall was set up for the festive season with music and Christmas crackers. To crown the day, Butterfly Class had their party in the afternoon and they played a variety of games including pass the parcel and musical statues.

Butterfly Class really  enjoyed dressing up for ‘World Book Day’. Here are a few snippets of them in their outfits. 

Butterfly Class have a great first week back at school! We have been engaging in many fun and exciting opportunities for learning. 

This week in Butterfly Class, we have been learning about shapes. We went on shape hunt in the outdoor area, exploring the different shapes we could see in our environment. 

This week in Butterfly Class, we have continued to learn about the Solar System and we have been reading a story called Here Come the Aliens. The children have carried out many activities including writing letters to the aliens, cutting out space related puppets and using construction to build rockets. Some of the children also decided to turn our class tent into a spaceship and had a picnic on the planet Saturn!

This week in Butterfly Class, we have carrying out many Easter activities. The highlights of the week was going on an Easter Bunny Hunt in the nature garden and making chocolate Easter nests. Butterfly Class would like to wish you a happy holidays!

This week in Butterfly Class, we have been learning about ‘Under the Sea’. We have been reading the story Commotion in the Ocean and we have carried many creative activities in relation to this topic. We have done bubble painting, handprint stick fish puppets and made jellyfish. We also took a trip to the nature garden which the children really enjoyed. 

This week in Butterfly Class, we have continued with the theme of ‘Under the Sea’. We have been reading the story Billy’s Bucket and carried many activities around this. We have been learning about shapes so in relation to this, we made Matisse snail shape pictures where we discussed the different shapes we used. This week the children have also been able to enjoy exploring the whole outdoor area which they have really enjoyed.