Class 1JF

                                 Welcome to 1JF



Spring term

A musical term! As well as starting to play the ukulele in class, 1JF enjoyed a Gamelan music workshop. Can you remember which islands Gamelan music comes from?

Also an artistic term. 1JF were lucky to have weekly visits from an Art specialist from JAGS with her 6th formers. They worked with the children on a project linked with our topic ‘Saving our World’. Using your recycled materials they made of collage of the world map.


Autumn term

Well done everybody for a fantastic start to Year 1! We have been busy with our autumn projects already. Linking with the theme Ourselves and Our Town, in our first week back we looked at portraits by a variety of famous artists and the children talked about the styles they liked and why. As a class, they decided to create their own self portrait in the style of Paul Klee.

.      What do you like about our portraits?

We have also been lucky enough to have Mr Big visit our class and were so excited by his music that we made instruments to play in his band.


To celebrate Harvest we made and baked ‘Harvest buns’. Did you guess the mystery ingredient? (an orange vegetable cooked and mashed up).

 Clap along…. the children really enjoyed our music and movement session with our guest artist and his mandolin. The music stimulated some interesting dance moves! The children joined in with songs and used rhythm sticks to drum to the beat.

Green Bean cafe is now serving! One of the classroom highlights this term has been the introduction our our healthy eating Green Bean Cafe. The children have had fun creating interesting menus and serving up some nutritious snacks to help us all feel healthier and happier through the end of term snuffles!

Autumn antics! Which is your favourite season? In Science we have been thinking about the seasons and the changes in weather – how very British of us! We tested the strength of the autumn wind in different locations around the school and asked the question ‘where does the wind come from?’.

To end the autumn term with some drama and sparkle we’ve been lucky to make a couple of trips to the theatre, thank you very much to those of you who were able to accompany us and make these trips possible. Here are a couple of snaps from our most recent adventure going on a Bear Hunt…