Class 1KH

Welcome to 1KH!


Autumn Term 1

Welcome back to Bessemer Grange! The children have settled back in nicely into school life and have demonstrated what lovely, well behaved learners they are!

So far this term we have been getting to know our class room….

We have also been getting reacquainted with our number facts. I am impressed with how much the children have remembered from Reception!


We were lucky enough to go to the Unicorn Theatre to see The Secret Life of a Suitcase. The children really enjoyed the show but the overwhelming favourite part of the day was “lunch!” We enjoyed our lunch overlooking the Thames spotting some famous London landmarks and of course when the scenery got old playing a good old game of Duck Duck Goose.

We also had a drama workshop where we went on a journey to space exploring the different planets. Inspired by this we went back to our class and had a go at re-enacting Mr Big by Ed Vere. There are certainly some budding actors in our class!

Autumn Term 2

This term we began to look a bit more at weather and seasons. We looked at trees in different seasons and represented them using our hands as the trunk and branches and then decorated them with paint, crepe paper and buttons.


We looked at the months of the years and matched them to the seasons. We should now know which season we were born in! We have also participated in a few observations and measures of different weather. We made a rain gauge as seen below which filled up to 14cm within a week!!


 Irene, an art teacher from Jags has been coming in all term with some Year 11 children to help us with a weaving project. We produced some very impressive work!


We have also been learning about Christianity in RE this half term and spent half a day working together to make a setting, props and characters for the Nativity story. Some of the children remembered the story very well from last year in Reception.


We were also very lucky to have Charlie’s mum come in to do some drama with us. We were able to listen to and partake in Chinye – an African story similar to Cinderella.


In literacy we have looked at the stories Rumpelstiltskin and now The Gingerbread man. We wrote recipes recently and then bought our recipes to life. Thanks to all the people that brought in decorating ingredients. They were so delicious that some of us just couldn’t wait to eat them….


We were lucky enough to have a little taste of ice skating after the winter fair…. 


And to finish off the term we have just been to the Unicorn Theatre to see ‘The Fourth Wise Man’ and will be going to the Albany in the last week of term to see ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’. Phew! What a term!


Spring Term 1

In science this term we have been looking at Animals including Humans and the weather. We experimented with the wind and making predictions about which classroom objects would fly best in the wind.

We were also lucky enough to have Ripley’s dad come in to teach us about the human anatomy. I’m sure you have heard all about certain muscle names at home. He also bought in their dog which was clearly a hit with the children.

We also had Thomas C’s mum come in and join us for science for the term. Her knowledge was a great asset and she had some fantastic creative ideas! This is us making sound waves and echoes in the nature garden.

Our topic this half term was ‘Looking after our world’. We made this inventive collage by reusing items found around the school.

We also had the Teddy Bear hospital come in to teach us about visiting the doctors and looking after our bodies.


Spring Term 2

So far this term we have been involved in a ‘Now Press Play’ audio work shop where we learnt about The Great Fire of London through drama and audio. It was fantastic!


We also had a Gamelan workshop which was lots of fun.  Particularly the gong!

During the last week of term we all participated in Healthy Week. We had the opportunity to attend workshops with the A-life team who taught us about keeping healthy and eating well. We also went on a trip to Surrey Docks farm and learnt about where food comes from. We even bought fresh eggs to bring back to school! On Friday we participated in Bessemer Master Chef and made a delicious Spanish tortilla using all ingredients grown in the UK.


If any parents would like to come in and help with reading, making, cooking or gardening then please speak to Miss Harris as we really appreciate any time or expertise you can volunteer!