Class 1RM

Welcome to 1RM

Thank you for visiting our class page, we hope you enjoy what you see.

    We have lots of fun at school, before the Christmas holidays we had been up to all sorts of exciting things. We have been on trips, we’ve been very creative and doing lots of important and fun learning.

The Unicorn Theatre 

We went to the Unicorn theatre to see a fantastic show called ‘The Secret Life of Suitcases’. We all thought the puppetry was amazing and enjoyed the main character’s funny voice. Here we are waiting for the show to start, then exploring down by the river and afterwards playing in Sunray Gardens. It was a fun trip!


Last term in R.E. we learnt about Hinduism, during this time it was Diwali; the festival of light. So we made our very own ‘Diya Lamps’ from clay and decorated them. Here are a few of them, I’m sure you will agree that they look very beautiful. We were all very careful when moulding the clay and took time and effort in decorating them.

Rangoli Patterns

We also made our own rangoli patterns, traditionally these are made of coloured powders; we did our own take on them. Firstly we drew out our design, then carefully followed the design with glue and sprinkled with multi-coloured glitter. They look amazing and received lots of oohs and aahs in our class assembly.

Class Assembly

We had our class assembly before the holiday, we did a brilliant job and used big clear voices and didn’t even need to use the microphone. As we had enjoyed our Hinduism learning so much we decided we would do our class assembly on it too. We told the story of Rama and Sita, shared all the artworks we’d made and even had our ‘Diya Lamps’ lit on stage as the rest of the school arrived to watch, it looked magical. Here are some pictures of us on stage.

Tasty Gingerbread Anyone?

We designed and made some crunchy gingerbread men and bears in DT. We were very adventurous with our icing and decorating as you can see.

Ice Skating

We were lucky enough to have an ice skating rink at our winter fair this year, and even luckier that it remained for a few days so that we could all go as a class and skate again.

Calling all Parents & Carers

We welcome home-school collaboration at Bessemer and in 1RM we’ve been very fortunate last term and this term to have one of our parents come in on a Friday afternoon to do activities with our class. Here we are planting daffodils and also making some tasty pizza pockets.


Spring Watch!!

Look how our daffodils have grown:

If you have any skills you would like to share or you would like to come in and help with reading, cooking, gardening, art and craft activities, drama, sciences, design technology, computing or anything else then please speak to a class adult and we will try to sort out a time and date for that to happen.

There will be lots more happening in our Summer term…

So watch this space!