Class 4CR

Welcome to 4CR!

Autumn Term 1

To start of the Autumn term we looked at some landscapes by Van Gogh.  We spotted that he used dashes and swirls to create his images. We then used oil pastels to create our own Van Gogh landscapes, using photos to give us inspiration. Here is some of our artwork:

Autumn Term 1

On Wednesday we went to visit the Tower of London to support our Tudor topic. We looked at some of Henry VIII’s armour, visited the crown jewels, and heard all about Henry VIII and his wives from “Sir Francis Bryan”, who was friends with and worked for the king. Thank you very much to the parents who came to help. If you are available and would like to come on our next trip please do let us know on the reply slip; we are very grateful for your support and subject to available tickets we would love for you to come.

Autumn Term 2

In November, Year 4 went to visit the Imperial War Museum to find out what life was like in London during the Second World War (our topic for the term). We saw different types of shelters, vehicles, ration books and models of houses in London during the war. Thank you very much to the parents who came on the trip.

Spring Term 1

This term our topic is Our Environment (which includes studying where we live, using atlases to find out where places are, as well as learning about how we can protect our environment). Soon, we will be visiting the Southwark Recycling Centre to support our learning.

In Science we are studying Electricity, and will be building up to a project linked to one of our Literacy books for this term: Iron Man, by Ted Hughes.

We visited the Southwark Recyling Centre to support our Environment topic. During the tour we were shown how different materials are separated, for example metals are separated using magnets.  We also saw that despite the extensive machinery, a lot of people needed to sort through the recycling as it passed them on conveyor belts!  As well as a tour, we completed a quiz and some other activities in their learning centre.  Thank you very much to the parents who came on the trip.

At the end of the term, we visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the Norwegian artist, Nikolai Astrup’s exhibition.  In addition, we were very fortunate to have an art lesson with an artist who specialised in printmaking. We first created a wash background using watercolour paints, then cut shapes out of polyblock to print over the top with ink. Thank you very much to the parents who came on the trip.

In Spring Term 2 we were invited back to the Dulwich Picture Gallery for a concert. The music was by Norwegian composers and were written for piano, violin and viola.

Spring Term 2

Year 4 have been working very hard on their play: A Big Green Adventure, this term. It deals with environmental issues so has been a good extension of our topic work from Spring Term 1. They have had to learn words and actions to songs, dances as well as their lines, and they have done a fantastic job. We hope that you will be able to attend their performances.

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March by dressing up as a book character. Here are some of our costumes!

Click here to watch our performance! 

Year 4 performance

Summer Term 1

In the first Summer Term we will be studying Vikings in topic, and Living Things and Their Habitats in Science.

Please continue to read with your child daily, and make sure they regularly practise their rocket card targets (mostly their times tables).