Class 4LB

Welcome to 4LB!


Summer 2

In Summer 2, we will be linking our work to our whole school carnival, which will take place on Wednesday 8th July. This year, the carnival’s theme is the elements. Year 4 will be focusing on fire, so we’ll be learning about bonfire night, fireworks, the Great Fire of London and also reading some fantastic myths involving fire!


Summer 1

During the Summer term, we learnt all about the Vikings! We made our own Viking brooches in our DT project and we painted Viking longboats.

We also learnt about Viking sagas and even wrote one of our own. A lot of our writing was showcased to the class in our fantastic class assembly about the Saga of Biorn!

Please take a look at our informative Viking leaflets so that you can find out about the Vikings too:

The Vikings4Ayub

the vikings jokubas 4

The vicious Vikings lina5

The cruel Vikings jaydon v.5

Caine and Ayub

Science week!

We had a brilliant time conducting lots of interesting investigations during this year’s Science week. Take a look at our photos of the workshops and our Key Stage challenge!


Spring 2

In Spring 2, our topic was The Environment. We found out about the importance of reusing, recycling and reducing waste, as well as improve our map skills to find where different foods travel around the world. This helped us to understand the similarities and differences between countries and also learn about how humans can impact an area.

Have a look at some of our amazing PowerPoints which demonstrate the importance of reusing, recycling and reducing waste!

matthew and casey reuse reduse recycle 3


We also developed our ICT skills so that we can write our own emails and reply to other people’s emails. This linked to our learning about e-safety and how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet.

safety poster matthew doc 1 (2)

In Literacy, we created our own lands! We then practised describing our lands and turning our work into a persuasive brochure. Here is Casey’s wonderful land:

caseylandia brochure 5


Spring 1

During Spring 1, our topic was Food. We really enjoyed learning about how to eat healthily and find out where different foods come from across the world.

During Healthy Week, we also learnt all about how to cook healthy, delicious meals, with plenty of superfoods, and we took part in two exciting workshops. These taught us how to look after our bodies.


Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we learnt about World War Two.

We acted what it would feel like to be an evacuee, to experience the Blitz and to have our food rationed! We also made Anderson shelters, our own clay poppies and learnt some famous war time speeches by Winston Churchill!

In 4LB, we love to create lots of beautiful art work. Have a look at the fish that we printed in our own ocean. We made these so that we could enter into the Big Draw art competition and we’re really proud of our efforts. We hope that you like them too!


Autumn 1

In Autumn 1, our topic was the Tudors. We wrote our own news reports to summarise the events of the Battle of Bosworth, the Mary Rose ship sinking and Henry VII’s coronation.

We had a fantastic time when we visited the Tower of London to find out more about the Tudors and, of course, the very famous monarch Henry VIII! What can you find out about Henry VIII, and his six wives?

We also spent time experimenting with different art techniques, like fauvism and pointillism. We created coloured portraits and used colours to show feelings. We also experimented with shading using different equipment. Have a look at our fantastic art work!