Class 4NK

Welcome to 4NK!

We have already had a wonderful start to the Autumn term. We really enjoyed our “getting to know you” days, during which we explored portraiture. Here is a little taster of the results, which included 4JB’s take on David Hockney’s photo collages; and Frida Kahlo emotion portraits. 4JB particularly enjoyed the Hockney inspired collages, which told a story about “4JB”.

Our topic for this term is Terrible Tudors! We are beginning to consider and reflect on how the Tudors contributed to our society; what they wore and ate; art of the time; and more! We started to explore this period of time within the context of British history by creating a human timeline!

We have had particular fun finding out about the Battle of Bosworth. 4JB have taken on the roles of Henry VII and Richard III in an epic battle re-enactment during Topic. We have also taken on the role of journalists to write newspaper articles about the battle during literacy. Our reporter interviews from the battlefield have acquired some amazing quotes for our articles.

We can’t wait to explore the Tower of London when we visit next month – photos to come shortly!! In the meantime, you may like to explore these websites:

TOWER OF LONDON!                          History: Tudors

We learned about the WW2 and in particular the experiences of children during the War. Through drama, writing and Art, we got a much deeper understanding of life during this difficult time. We made Anderson shelters, acted out a drill during the Blitz, and wrote letters from the point of view of an evacuee.



In 4NK we made, with different materials, Anderson Shelters complete with Dig for Britain vegetable patches.

Spring term

This spring our topic has been the environment. Looking at the impact our waste has on our community, we designed information posters encouraging residents of Southwark to reduce, recycle and reuse. We also learned about where are food comes from and how our buying decisions can have a negative impact on people from those countries.

In I.C.T we have been developing our Internet skills further, knowing how to send emails sensibly and importantly how to keep safe when using the web whilst researching our exciting topics.

The second part of Spring term we have been learning about food.As part of our D.T we designed and made cup cake boxes. We then evaluated how successful they would be.

In literacy we explored the picture story book ‘Tuesday’. We wrote newspaper reports on the mysterious events which happened in this normal town.

In I.C.T we used the school’s new i-pads and we shot and edited films.We also built and programmed mechanical Lego structures.