Class 5AC

5AC Class Website

Welcome to the 5AC class website. We have had a busy start to our year and would like to share with you all of the hard work we have been doing.

This page will be updated throughout the year so you can keep track of our progress. Watch this space!

King Midas in Literacy

Our Literacy unit this term involves us looking at mythology and we have been focusing on the story of King Midas and his Golden Touch. We used drama to familiarise ourselves with the myth. Have a look at our lesson exploring King Midas.

Making our Roman Brochures

We have also been researching life in ancient Rome. We used all of the information that we gathered to create a brochure using a program called Comic Life.          

Dramatic Literacy

During our Little Match Girl unit in Literacy, we explored the story through many mediums, including drama.


Forces in Science

In our science lessons we have been exploring forces including: propulsion, air resistance, water resistance, gravity and friction.

Ice Skating

Our winter fair saw the introduction of our very own ice rink at Bessemer Grange. Year 5 were lucky enough to have an afternoon spent skating.