Class Rainbow

Our First Week in Rainbow Class

Welcome to Rainbow Class. We will try and keep this page up to date with our photos and details of all the activities, achievements and fun stuff we’re doing. In Early Years we take a lot of photos as part of our assessment of the children’s progress so expect this page to be jam-packed of photos very soon! If you would like to see anything in particular on this page, please do not hesitate to mention it to me or Mathilde (Miss Fell).

Our Interest Table is gathering new objects daily for the children. The children can use all of their senses to explore the items…we have beeswax, conkers, seashells, coffee beans, pinecones, sticks, pebbles, a brick and much more – please encourage your children to bring in any interesting natural objects for us all to look at.

This is our Maths and Construction area. Here the children can freely chose from Lego, wooden bricks, puzzles and lots activities to encourage them to think about shapes, sorting and numbers.

Here are some photos of Rainbow children exploring all the exciting first week activities…

This week in Maths our focus has been 2D shapes and their properties. It can be pretty tricky for children to draw shapes so we kept practising and by the end of the week they were all a lot more confident.

We set up an independent Architecture activity in the Creative Area this week. The children used different types of grid paper to draw their designs and then transferred their plans into reality using wooden blocks. They had some fantastic ideas and created a variety of detailed structures.

Music Workshop

This week we were very lucky to have a music workshop with Steve Grocott. He taught us lots of new songs and all about rhythm. Here are some photos of Rainbow class enjoying the session….

Our campsite and office

We have a new role-play area in Rainbow class with a small world campsite and a fully functioning office for taking very important calls. Here are some photos of children immersed in the role-play…

Winter fun at Bessemer

We were lucky enough to have an ice-rink at Bessemer in December and Rainbow class had so much fun skating (and falling over)!

 The Big Draw

We took part in a nationwide drawing event in October – check out our amazing handprint tree!

Space Topic

We looked at Space and learnt all about different planets and used our imaginations to think about aliens. We had fun making spaceships out of junk modelling.