One of the great things about our school is that our children come from all over the world! We are so lucky that there are 36 different languages spoken across the year groups.

We have an EAL library in our school, full of exciting dual-language books and audio books for children to use to support their English.


EAL Drama and Dance workshops

This year we are working in partnership with Artis to provide drama, dance and movement sessions for children with EAL (English as an additional language) to build confidence and to support them with the development of Topic-focused vocabulary.

Each term, children of different ages enjoy weekly sessions on a Tuesday. They are really lucky to be taught by ‘Shoop’, who links the drama and dance sessions to our creative curriculum in a fun, engaging way.

Have a look at the photos of a session where Maths vocabulary was practised in the context of a shop! Here are some of our other sessions where we used movement to help us remember different words and phrases:


We have a number of other exciting EAL interventions in our school! We love practising new vocabulary in small group environments so that we can build our confidence, too.