F@B Halloween Balloon Race – enter this fun online competition, raise money for the school and maybe win a prize!

Launching at 9am on Halloween, 31st October 2020 from Dracula’s Bran Castle is a virtual balloon race that you can join! Buy a balloon (£3), customise it and track it during the 7-day long race to see if yours is going to travel the furthest!
Balloon customisation allows you to name your balloon and to change the colour, pattern and shape. You can also adjust the latex rubber thickness and helium content to maximise your chances of winning. Study the weather and work out the best combination!

A company called Ecoracing run this virtual race using up-to-date weather information to track how the balloons would travel if it was real balloons in a race. With the impact on animals and the environment of real balloon races this is a great alternative and it should be fun to track your balloons. Can you beat a teacher’s or family member’s balloon?
Anyone can buy one for our cause – so please share this with family, friends and neighbours. Use our dedicated url: https://ecoracing.co/user/page/737 or go the Halloween race on the Ecoracing website https://ecoracing.co/user/page and find our cause “BESSEMER GRANGE PRIMARY SCHOOL PTFA – Halloween Race”. Create an account and then buy a balloon for £3.

And now the prizes…
This race is open to the public so the prizes that Ecoracing provide may be won by anyone (not just Bessemer participants) so to tempt you further F@B have added prizes for the furthest travelled Bessemer balloons! Once the race is complete we’ll be sent our statistics and can announce our winners.

Ecoracing Prizes:

1st – £500 cash

2nd – Apple iPad

3rd-12th – £10 Book Token

F@B Prizes:

1st – £50 cash

2nd – £25 Just Williams voucher

3rd – £10 Just Williams voucher

Can your children find out which country Bran Castle is in? Which way are the balloons likely to travel at that time of year? What is the highest/furthest recorded distance a real helium balloon has travelled?

Please see attached poster with the details which you can also use to share if you wish.

Happy racing!

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