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Thank You

From all of the team at Bessemer we thank you wonderful parents for your generous contributions. If you are still able to contribute food or a financial donation the site is still open. Thanks again!


Hello wonderful people!

So, the blue gate will be open tomorrow and for the rest of the week from 9am-3pm for you to bring donations.

To the kind people who offered to transport food we’re going to ask you be on standby for the time being – not needed yet, but maybe if we get to a full lockdown situation.

To Rich Butler – take a bow – your idea of using the school’s caterers to fill the gap is a go. Parents can donate money (watch for link to a dedicated fundraising page) and the school will buy and distribute food with it.

(If people’s donations overlap with the arrival of the governments voucher solution there is a chance we will collect some monies that don’t end up being spent on Bessemer families. We will close the site as soon as we get news of the vouchers arriving, but should money come through just before we do – and as a charity we can’t refund – we will give that money to a local food bank.)

It will take us a couple of days to get this solution up and running. In the meantime (unless anyone objects) we will use pre-existing F@B funds to use in the case of any emergency (e.g. if we collect insufficient food or financial donations). No families at Bessemer will go hungry or without during this difficult time.

Thank you all for your ideas, energy and generosity.

From all of us here at F@B.


Have you joined our virtual parents’ community on Classlist? All parents are very welcome to sign up using this link: bit.ly/fab-classlist (or search for the Classlist app online)

It’s a great way to stay in touch with other parents. And we’ll be sharing ideas, resources and links in the event of a school closure. You can post messages and queries to parents in your child’s class, year group or the whole school. You can also volunteer to help with our school chickens or link with groups like the SEN community.



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