Dear parents please see documents below which can help with your child’s health and wellbeing.

  1. Coronavirus story 
  3. Poster_ChatHealth PosterParents GuysStThomas_1.3_no_crop
  4. The Stay Home Superheroes
  5. Coronavirus wellbeing tips for families
  6. How to give your kids stability when Coronavirus closes school – Quartz
  7. How to talk to your children about Coronavirus – UNICEF
  8. What if Coronavirus means your kids are stuck at home? The Cut
  9. Teach students to wash hands properly with this dance challenge! – BBC Bitesize
  10. 10 Mindfulness Exercises
  11. All about me
  12. Breathing Relaxtion Script
  13. Changing those thoughts
  14. Feelings scale
  15. Feelings Thermometer
  16. Lazy 8 breathing
  17. Mindfulness Activities for Children ages 6
  18. Problems worksheet
  19. Relaxation Techniques
  20. Voice of reason worksheet
  21. What is on your mind worksheet
  22. Zones of Regulation


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