Healthy Eating

Providing a balanced, nutritious diet…

At Bessemer Primary School we take great effort to ensure that our children are provided with a healthy, balanced and nutritious lunch on a daily basis. The catering team provide three options every day to the children having lunch with us. You can look through these options and pictures of our daily menus below.

Weekly menus (Summer term until Autumn half term)

Our menus change on three week cycles and can be accessed and viewed in the links below.

School weekly Menu

School weekly menu – pictures

Nursery menu week 1

Nursery menu week 2

Nursery menu week 3

Bessemer club Menus

Bessemer Menu Allergen Report April 2021

Packed lunches

Please be aware that some items are not allowed in children’s packed lunches. This is because we are a Healthy School, and we want children to eat a nutritious and balanced lunch that sustains them throughout the afternoon.

Packed lunches should contain a main item, such as a sandwich, wrap, rice or pasta salad, some fruit or vegetables and another snack such as crackers and cheese or a yoghurt.

We do understand that when children have a packed lunch for a school trip they consider this a treat and this is reflected in the guidelines below.

For school trips please do not include; nuts or nut products, e.g. peanut butter, grapes, sweets, chocolate bars (biscuits with some chocolate coating are acceptable) or fizzy drinks.

For daily packed lunches in school please do not include; any drink other than water, nuts or nut products, grapes, sweets, crisps, cake, sweet biscuits or chocolate bars of any sort.

Children bringing the above items in their lunches will not be allowed to eat them in school.

Please note that the above guidelines also apply to packed teas for Bessemer Club and to snacks that children bring in for activity clubs.