Home Learning Year 1

Hi Year 1,

We hope you are taking care of yourselves and looking after your family.  This means that you are being SAFE, being RESPONSIBLE and being RESPECTFUL!  We hope you are helping around the house and following directions quickly!  🙂

We want you to keep up your reading, writing and maths and show your Mummies and Daddies just how clever you are!  We will keep adding different links for you to look at, so check in regularly.

We all miss you so much, and hope to see you all soon.

Miss Matheson, Ms. McPherson and Mr Mellett 🙂


PS.  Check out what Healthy Harold is up to every day by reading his online diary

Why not try a reading bingo and cross off the tasks as you complete them?


Maths web links


Addition and Subtraction to 20


Maths – year 1 -home learning pack (1)

Maths – year 1 -home learning pack

number bonds to 20

Activity Cards – Part-Whole Model (2)

Activity Cards – Part-Whole Model

Answers – Part-Whole Model (2)

Answers – Part-Whole Model

Diving into Mastery Guidance (2)

Diving into Mastery Guidance

Place value to 50

Rainbow friends to 10

Rainbow friends to 10


Letter from the three little pigs

Wanted Poster

Wanted Poster

Diary entry

Diary entry

3 Pigs story map

Three little pigs story map

Build a sentence

Overview of Writing Activities of the Three Little Pigs

Phase 2,3, and 5 phonics sound mat

The Three Little Pigs Word Mat

Year 1 – Success criteria and writing expectations-

Year 1 – Success criteria and writing expectations-

Year 1 Writing Checklist





Lets go on a dinosaur adventure

Lined Black and White Landscape Pack Contents

Reading information parent info

Additional Year 1 Resources