Welcome to our class page.

We will be updating our page regularly throughout the year, so be sure to keep checking back in to see what we’ve been up to and the fun we have been having whilst we learn.

Here are some highlights from our first full week in Ladybird class which include making new friends, learning new songs and dances, building a house that the big bad wolf can’t blow down and having lots and lots of fun!

We have had a great first half of term and the children have responded really positively to the books we have been learning in class. The activities in these pictures are inspired by the book Owl Babies. Here we went to the nature garden to collect leaves, twigs and feathers to make our very own owl nests for the Owl babies. Who is your child’s favorite owl and why?

We have also read We’re Going On A Bear Hunt the children have loved retelling the story in a variety of contexts and learning all the actions to accompany the narrative.  We have even made our own books, story maps and collages as well as many other activities. Can your child retell the story?

The Children have really been enjoying taking on different roles in the classroom and are learning to dress and undress themselves independently whilst putting on role play clothes. We are really promoting independence in the children and hopefully you are starting to see this at home too!!

The children have loved listening to stories and experimenting with a range of instruments in the music area. They have been singing the songs and nursery rhymes we have been learning in class and accompanying them with the taught actions. Ask your child what new songs they know?!

They have loved learning new sounds and our sound of the week box has been a constant source of entertainment. The children have loved some of the independent mark making activities we have had set up daily and they love using whiteboards and pens to practice making marks.

Our inside learning environment is always very stimulating with lots of learning opportunities here are some snippets.

and they love the outside learning environment too. Things outside are a reflection of inside learning just bigger, messier and often a lot more physical.

We also helped look after the chickens. We cleaned out the coop, replenished their water and food sources, collected eggs and let them have a little run around. We help do this every half term.

The children loved reading Stick Man this half term. We went to the nature garden collected sticks and when we returned we made our very own stick people to take home.

The children have really enjoyed exploring the outside construction resources this past half term. We have been building houses, vehicles, water slides and here we built a large chute.

We have been really promoting turn taking and social play in our setting and playing board games has helped develop some of these skills.

Our class have really developed there mark making skills throughout the term and love to use these skills in their independent play.

We have had a lovely second half of Autumn term and on behalf of all of us happy holidays.


This half term has whizzed by!! We have welcomed new children to our class and they have all settled in really well.

We have been looking at numerals in the immediate environment. Thanks for all the pictures you’ve shared with us they have been very helpful in our carpet sessions and group work.

We have been learning about 2d shapes and their properties. Here you can see the children making some simple representations using a range of 2d shapes.

We had a fantastic turn out at our Spring celebration day. Here are some pictures it was all about Mathematics.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

We have been embedding our knowledge of shapes and found lots of shapes in our local and home environment.

We really enjoyed World Book Day/ How many different characters can you see?