Our Class

Autumn Term

We have had a great first week at nursery and have been learning lots of new things, here are a few snippets.

Pretending to be the teacher and teaching our friends.

Playing new games and learning new sounds.

Making our own playdough and then using it imaginatively. This really helps us build up our muscles in our hands.

Learning new songs, listening to stories and practicing sitting nicely and putting our hands up to speak.

Dressing up and playing imaginatively with our new friends.


and getting creative

We have been very busy since half term. All children have made great strides in all areas of learning and here is a peek at some of the learning opportunities the children have been involved with during their time at nursery.

We have been encouraging working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is very important to us at Nursery. Children also make labels for all their creations.

We have been acting out all the story’s we have learnt in class. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to create new versions of all taught story’s and have made up some truly fascinating adaptations of our class books.

Practicing our writing, pen grip, and letter formation in phonics and free flow.

Using the interactive whiteboard to make some lovely artwork.

and some more conventional artwork

Working on our fine motor skills

Learning about shapes in the environment and making representations using 2d shapes

Collecting sticks and making our very own stick men and women.

And we had a fantastic Christmas Party!!

I am sure the children have had a truly great term and will continue to prosper throughout 2016.


 We have been extremely busy in our spring term, here are some highlights form the past few months.

We have been problem solving using imaginative small world play.

We have been investigating materials and properties. Looking at why materials are good for different purposes and how they adapt and change under different conditions

We have been building using large scale resources to support role play and using our imaginations linked to our transport topic.

We moulded, carved and then decorated our own bowls from clay in response to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. we also cooked porridge and added different ingredients to see which one was our favourite.

We wrote shopping lists, then went shopping at our local supermarket before cutting up the ingredients and cooking a stir fry to celebrate Chinese New Year

We have visited the nature garden to look at the chickens. We were all fascinated by them and had a great day looking after them.