Welcome to Moonbeam Class

We have had a great first week making new friends and exploring our new classroom.

Our learning has been focused on the book Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School, we have had a lot of fun planning for a dinosaur hunt and creating pictures of what our dinosaur park may look like.

In the outside area we have been getting to know all the different areas and we are enjoying discovering knew things with our new friends.

More pictures of us and our work will be posted on here throughout the term so please keep checking!

Autumn 2

We have had a very busy term and want to share some of the things that we have been up to.

We have all been working really hard with our Maths and English, finding lots of opportunities to practice and improve our writing and numeracy. In English we have also been building our confidence and storytelling by acting out stories.

We have had 2 very successful trips to the Unicorn Theatre, we took the train up to London Bridge and then got to play in the Scoop after watching the performance. We even got to go on the stage after the show!

 We have had lots of fun doing experiments. We have learnt about making different colours using only the primary colours.

We also learnt about floating and sinking and did an experiment to see whether a raisin would float or sink in a fizzy drink. The bubbles made the raisin float to the top but when they burst it sunk back down.

In the last few weeks of term we have been learning about Christmas celebrations and making decorations and stockings to prepare for the holidays.

We would like to thank all the parents for your continued support, and hope you all have a lovely break, see you in the New Year!


Spring 1

Welcome back after the winter break, we have already had a busy few weeks starting our new topic of space. We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction books as well as thinking about planning for our own visit to space. To support our learning we will be visiting the Science Museum on Wednesday 3rd February.

The space topic has been great, the children were all really engaged throughout. They created lots of stories about what they might find in space, and we looked at non fiction books as well as following Tim Peake’s journey to the Space Station to find out what it’s really like. The children brought in heir own books to share with the class and we created our very own space library.

We had a great time visiting the Science Museum, learning lots more about the different planets and seeing different things astronauts use in space.


This term we have also continued with our music lessons, we get to play different instruments (including our voices) and we are beginning to follow a rhythm.


We like our music lessons so much that some of us even started our own band!  


Spring 2

This term has flown by, we have been so busy! This half term we looked at the traditional tale of Jack and the beanstalk and we have learnt all about how plants grow. We planted our own beanstalks and have kept a Bean Diary to see the changes over time.

We planted the beans in soil, made sure they had water and sunlight and now they are growing tall.

We have also been learning how to use different types of technology, using BeeBots we had to be in control, by programming the BeeBot we were telling it where to go.


We have had lots of celebrations this term too, on World Book Day we celebrated all of our favourite books, looking at different authors and illustrators that create the books. We even go to dress up as our favourite characters.

We have celebrated Science Week, where we got to meet some Science Wizards who did some really exciting experiments, and we did lots of our own experiments in class. Some of the experiments we got to share with our parents on Celebration Day.

  As the suns shines, and Spring begins, we look forward to the start of Summer term and the start of our new topic.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break.