Welcome to Rainbow Class









Since the beginning of the year we have enjoyed making new friends and exploring our new classroom and the great outdoors:).

We have been extremely busy creating, building, poking, learning, reading, patting, writing, climbing, chasing, riding and simply having fun in our one and only RAINBOW class.

Joyful Creativity in our Creative Area

Construction Area

Reading Corner

Messy Play and Cleaning afterwards

Bike Area

Climbing Frames – only for the daring!

Our Small World has been occupied by DINOSAURS – proceed with caution!


Self Portraints – Oh, so proudly displayed!

This term the children have put their paleontologist hats on to explore and find out about dinosaurs. The children have been busy learning facts about different dinosaurs, understanding the meanings of carnivores and herbivores and looking at fossils. 

In keeping with our dinosaurs topic, the children thoroughly enjoyed making a papier mache volcano, first we used glue and water to create the base of our volcano and then we painted it together, adding burning hot lava using tissue paper. To finish our dinosaur topic, we finally made our volcano erupt, which was very enjoyable and exciting! 

The children have immersed themselves into Forest school on Wednesdays by exploring, carving, whittling and learning valuable new skills out in the fresh air.

It was also our turn to feed the chickens in Forest School. Only for the daring: 

Thank you for all the amazing home leaning from this term, the children were excited to share and very proud what they made 🙂

Autumn 2

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We started off this term with reading a story classic of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children thoroughly enjoyed re-telling the story using story telling language and actions, such as Once upon a time, Next, Suddenly, and Finally. Once the children were confident with the story, we innovated the story by adding new characters to replace the originals. 

Measuring Height

This term the children have been busy measuring height of the three different sized billy goats. The children were exposed to non-standard units of measure, such as unifix, Pom poms, counters and duplo to measure height. To measure height we always start at the bottom, make sure the measuring tools touch and we measure up!

Police visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from two police officers, who took time out of their busy schedule to answer our questions and show us some exciting police objects. The children particularly enjoyed taking turns trying on police hats and a police vest!

Cockadoodle Christmas

To end a very busy fun term, out Christmas play was an amazing success!

The children worked so hard practicing their lines and rehearsing the songs, whilst having lots of fun in the process. Performing in front of an audience can be very nerve racking, but they were all stars!

Here are some pictures of us with the police officers, performing in our show and enjoying a hot chocolate a forest school! 


Spring Term 2

This term is filled with curiosity, adventure, creativity and much more!

We have started off this term with a new literary fairy tale classic: The Gingerbread Man. We have adapted the story by using Talk for writing and innovated the story.  So far we are at the innovate stage where we have collectively replaced the little old lady with a hungry T-Rexand The Gingerbread Man has been replaced by a crunchy cookie personfinally the fox has been replaced by a mean monster. The children have been using adjectives to describe the characters and incorporating alliteration and onomatopoeia words into our story map and story. 

The story telling language we have been focusing on are:

Once upon a time





The end

The children have also enjoyed baking Gingerbread people and creating lino prints of the characters from the story.


This half term we have been adding and subtracting by counting forwards and back as well as using objects in our ‘part part whole’ model that you can see in the photographs.  We have also been working on halving and doubling using objects.


The author of this half term is ‘Michael Rosen.’ The children have really enjoyed listening to stories written by Micheal Rosen. They have enjoyed innovating the story ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ and reading ‘The chocolate cake.’

After reading The chocolate cake we all took part in a chocolate experiment. The children predicted, tested and observed what would happen to chocolate when it was heated and cooled down. The children enjoyed discussing the physical changes they had seen.

All of the children took part in world book day. We swapped books, shared our favorite stories, dressed up as a character from a story and had a visit from the author Judy Skidmore.


We continue to promote Emotional Literacy. The children have been discussing the different emotions they feel through songs, drama, creative activities and stories.


This term we have enjoyed a variety of Understanding of the World activities including melting ice and making parachutes.  We loved completing a variety of different activities during science week. One of our highlights was a science themed forest school where we watched the fire turn into rainbow colours by adding copper.  We used identification keys to hunt for different types of plants and wildlife. 

Zoolab came to visit and brought us a variety of animals to learn about and handle.