Rainbow 2016/17

Welcome to Rainbow Class!

Here are some photos of our first week in Reception. We’ve had a lot of fun in the different areas of the classroom and getting to know each other. We decided to make the most of the sunny weather and take a picnic over to the Nature Garden… we made jam sandwiches and really enjoyed eating them!

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This is our class!









  1. Lilith and Rose demonstrating great sandwich making skills.

  2. Raheema and Jack preparing food for our picnic.

  3. Isabella having some sleeping bag time after a day of busy activities.

  4. Class yoga session!

  5. Serene is really loving her homemade jam sandwich.

  6. Xavier having a break after his MiniBeast hunt in the Nature Garden

  7. Leo and Rose writing down their new friends names.

  8. Patsy and Jack using the Interactive Whiteboard to make moving patterns.