The week beginning   19th March will be Science Week.  The theme for this year’s British Science Week is exploration and discovery, encouraging children to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring science in the world all around us.  Over the week your child will be taking part in some exciting science lessons, workshops and challenges.

Science Fair On Thursday 22nd March between 3:30pm and 4:15pm we will be holding a school science fair where you will be able to come in and see what your child has been learning about in science. Please come and see what we have been up to!

Home Challenge 1 You are invited to take part in our Make a Minibeast competition by researching and making your own minibeast.  Please see below for some creative ideas.  Send your minibeast to school by Thursday 22nd March. The winning minibeast will be judged on Thursday and prizes will be given out in assembly.

Home Challenge 2 You can also take part in our poster competition by following the instructions below.  Send your poster to school by Thursday 22nd March. The winning posters will be judged on Thursday and prizes will be given out in assembly. The winning posters will also be entered into the British Science Association’s national competition.

  • Research your poster. Investigate and imagine all the amazing exploration and discovery that takes place around the world. Here are some topic ideas to get you started: What sort of discoveries have you made? Research famous explorers e.g. Captain James Cook, Gertrude Bell, David Livingston.  Think about what discoveries might be made in the future, what else do people explore?
  • Make your poster once you’ve conducted your research; it’s time to get creative! You can use pop-up pictures, pull-out tabs or use materials such as paint, drawing pencils, crayons and paper. 

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