How have we made this school environment accessible to children with SEND?

 Most of the school is accessible to children with physical disability via ramps and a lift.

  • There are disabled toilet facilities.
  • Class allocations can be adapted to ensure rooms are accessible for children with disabilities
  • The school has a sensory room.
  • We ensure that equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs.
  • The school has staff trained to support children with a range of needs.
  • Our school has enough laptops stored in trolleys that all staff can access to support the curriculum. All classrooms have laptops that children can use and we have a set of iPads.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

Risk assessments are carried out for school visits including residential trips and reasonable adjustments will be made where required. Where needed the risk assessment would include a meeting with parents as well as taking account of any medical advice.

The destination of these trips will be taken into account when assessing the needs of all children. On some occasions an individual member of staff may be assigned to support a small group or individual child if the risk assessment indicates that this is necessary.

After school clubs are available to all pupils Vulnerable pupils are given priority and adjustments will be made to support their participation.


For further details please see our Accessibility Plan