How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child’s learning in school?

When a teacher or a parent has raised concerns about  a child’s progress, and targeted teaching has  not met the child’s needs, the teacher will raise this with the Inclusion Manager or SENCo.

The teacher will discuss your child’s progress with you at our twice yearly parents’ evenings when you will be informed of your child’s progress and any additional support being given.

We also have meetings every term between each class teacher and a senior staff member in the school to ensure all children are making good progress. This is another way your child may be identified as not making as much progress as expected.

If your child is then identified as not making progress the school will make a decision  about whether to monitor this or set up an intervention group and will inform you.

These groups may take place for a short period or over a longer period of time.

If your child is still not making expected progress the school will discuss with you

  • any concerns you may have
  • any further interventions or referrals to outside professionals to support your  child’s learning.
  • how we can work together, to support your child at home/school.