What will the school do to support my child?

All children at Bessemer Primary School, regardless of their need, receive excellent classroom teaching known as Quality First Teaching.

This means:

  • That the teacher has the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class.
  • That all teaching is based on building on what your child already knows, can do and can understand.
  • At times the teacher may direct the class based Teaching Assistant to work with your child as part of normal working practice.
  • Specific strategies (which may be suggested by the SENCO or outside agencies) are in place to support your child to learn.
  • Different ways of teaching are in place so that your child is fully involved in learning in class within well differentiated ability groups .This may involve things like using more practical learning.
  • Your child’s teacher will have carefully checked on your child’s progress and will have decided that your child has a gap in their understanding/learning and needs some extra support to help them make the best possible progress.

Any pupil identified as having a special educational need and/or disability is placed on the school’s SEND register. Additional help will be given to these pupils to help them to make progress. Some examples of ways we may support your child further may include specific group work

This group support (usually referred to as intervention groups) may be:

  • Run in the classroom or outside.
  • Run by a teacher, outside professional or most often a Teaching Assistant who has had  training to run these groups.

SEN Support

  • Your child may engage in group sessions with specific targets to help him/her to make more progress.
  • A Teaching Assistant/teacher or outside professional may run these small group/individual sessions.
  • You will be asked to come to a meeting to discuss your child’s progress and help plan possible ways forward.
  • You may be asked to give your permission for the school to refer your child to a specialist professional e.g. a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) or Educational Psychologist (EP). This will help the school and yourself understand your child’s particular needs better and be able to support them better in school.
  • The specialist professional will work with you, your child, class teacher and Inclusion Manager/SENCo to understand their needs and make recommendations, which may include:
  • Making changes to the way your child is supported in class e.g. some individual
  • support or changing some aspects of teaching to support them better
  • Support to set specific targets which will include their expertise
  • A group run by school staff under the guidance of the outside professional e.g. a     social skills group.

This type of support is available for a child who has specific gaps in their understanding of a subject/area of learning and who therefore has been identified as requiring SEN Support.

Specified Individual support

This is usually provided via an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC). This means your child will have been identified by the Inclusion Manager and SENCO as needing a particularly high level of support or small group teaching which cannot be provided from the budget available to the school.

Usually your child will also need support from professionals outside the school.

This may be from:

  • Local Authority central services such as the ASD Support Service
  • Outside agencies such as the Speech and Language therapy (SALT) Service.

Education, Health Care Plans

From September 2014, ‘Statements’ will be replaced by ‘Education, Health and Care Plans’.

This document will continue to outline a pupil’s special educational need and the support that

the school needs to put in place to help them, but it will be a much more child friendly

document,  based around the pupil and their family.  Over a 2-3 year period, most current

Statements will be replaced by an ‘EHCP’ at a child’s annual review.

Only children with the most complex and significant special educational needs will be considered for an Education, Health Care Plan (EHC). If you think your child needs a EHC you will need to discuss your concerns with the school Inclusion Manager/SENCo, who will advise you about whether your child needs an Education, Health and Care plan and only once the school has exhausted its provision and outside agency support will this be considered.

Waves of support

The waves of intervention model shows the way we target additional support.

Wave 1 describes quality inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all the children in the classroom. This includes providing differentiated work and creating an inclusive learning environment.

Wave 2 describes specific, additional and time-limited interventions provided for some children who need help to accelerate their progress to enable them to work at or above age-related expectations. Wave 2 interventions are often targeted at a group of pupils with similar needs.

Wave 3 describes targeted provision for a minority of children where it is necessary to provide highly tailored intervention to accelerate progress or enable children to achieve their potential. This may include one to one or specialist interventions.

Where interventions and support are needed, they are quickly put into place.

The school constantly evaluates the effectiveness of the provision for SEND pupils by monitoring the progress being made. Where a pupil is not making the expected progress we look at the planning, differentiation and resources provided as well as the time and level of support given and adapt them where necessary. Where further interventions are required, we may seek advice from specialist teams. In our school we have access to various specialist services including those universally provided by Southwark Council which are described on the local offer website here. http://localoffer.southwark.gov.uk

Liaison between the Inclusion Manager, class teacher, parents learning support teacher, TAs and other outside professional, reinforces and underpins any adjustments being made.