F@B are excited to announce the launch of the Silver Smaties fundraising competition. F@B will be selling tubes of Nestle Smarties for 30p at the Easter Egg hunt and Cake Sale on Thursday 29th March. The idea is you buy a tube of Smarties, write your name and class on the empty tube, then eat the Smarties, the children are then paid 20p to complete chores/ activities / tasks for members of their family and friends, the 20p’s collected should be put in the empty Smartie tube. Once the tube is full it should be handed to the office. All Smartie tubes (including half full tubes) must be handed to the office by May 25th. Prizes will be awarded to the first person to fill their tube, the funniest reason for earning 20p, the most unusual way 20p has been earned. All money raised will go towards this years carnival.

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