Welcome to Sunshine Class

Autumn 1

whole class

 We have been busy settling in to our new classroom and learning the names of our new friends.


This is one of our new friends called Russell.  You might hear lots about him.

We decided we needed some rules in Sunshine Class.  The rules Sunshine Class decided on are:

1.  We walk inside (we run outside)

2.  We use quiet voices indoors

3. We have kind and gentle hands

4. We listen to our adults

5. We look after our toys

6. We put our hands up on the carpet when we want to talk.

We also have some class targets which are to be able to say goodbye to our parent/carer without support, to be able to hang our coats or jumpers on our pegs and put our bookbags in the bookbag box independently and finally to learn the classroom rules.  If we achieve these and make good choices by following the rules Russell rewards us with stickers, treasure chests or our name being written under the sun.

In mathematics we have been busy learning about 2D shapes, we went on a shape hunt and found lots of different shapes.  As well as naming the shapes we have also been describing them using mathematical language such as sides and corners.

We have also been doing lots with numbers.  We have been practising ordering, writing and counting.

We have been looking at patterns and having a go at making repeating patterns using 2 and 3 colours.

We even made repeating patterns out of fruit during our Handas Surprise topic.

For this topic we made a really big story map using real fruit and we had a go at writing labels for the fruit and the animals.  Then we had a go at making our own story maps with our friends.

We have been doing lots of writing this half term, we have practised drawing and labelling maps and our pictures, writing lists and some of us are starting to write captions using all the phase 2 sounds we have learnt so far.

During our Funny Bones topic we have been learning songs about which bones are connected to which in ‘Dem Bones’ song.  We have also been drawing skeletons.


This term we went on our very first trip to the Unicorn Theatre…

had the Big Draw….

…and have also had lots of fun exploring light and dark, using torches and other light sources to help the Funny Bones to read at night.

Autumn 2

We were over the moon about coming back for Autumn 2.  We learnt about the celebration of fireworks night.

 designed our own fireworks…


found out about Jackson Pollack and made splatter paintings like his…

we even made our own rockets by mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and putting it in an old film canister…

we also found out about Diwali.  We made diva lamps, decorated our hand prints with Mendi designs and made Rangoli patterns.  We looked at similarities and differences between Diwali and other celebrations as well…

on the 11th of November we made poppies to wear and talked about how some people wear them to remember people who have died in wars…

we have had lots of fun predicting what new colours we will make when we mix colours…

we also made beautiful winter decorations to hang on a tree for enterprise week and these are going to be sold at the Winter Fair.

In maths we have been doing lots on addition.  We have been adding using objects, using number lines and some of us are even putting the highest number in our head and counting on to find the answer.  We have been practising writing number sentences and using the add and equals symbols in the correct place.

Our new story is the Elves and the Shoemaker.


We have used real shoes to order from longest to shortest….


and we have estimated how many cubes long we think each shoe is and then used cubes to find out.


During the term we went to the nature garden and talked about the changes that have happened in Autumn and we took leaves back to our class to look at similarities and differences between them….

unicorn theatre xmas tree

 and we also had a great time on our trip to the theatre to watch the Snow Child.

We will be sending home 2 books to read over the winter break so please ensure you carry on all the good work by continuing to read with your child.  Our winter targets are:

  • to get myself dressed independently
  • to put my coat on and to fasten it up
  • to write my name, simple words, captions or sentences with the correct formation
  • to read, write and order numbers up to 20.


The first half term topic was Space.  We looked at a selection of fiction and non-fictions books, talking about the similarities and differences of features of the books and expanding the children’s knowledge about space.

We loved learning about the planets in our solar system.  We found out lots of great facts about them and also found out about the dwarf planets…


…we drew maps to send to the aliens to show them what our school looks like…


in mathematics we have been learning lots of new things including, doubling- adding the same amount together, halving- sharing between 2 fairly and also number bonds- finding different ways to make a number….


…we have been ordering objects using the mathematical language tall and short..

…then having a go at measuring using cubes and tape measures…


…another topic this term was Jack and the Beanstalk.  We found some beans in our classroom and planted them in lots of different things and put them in different places to see if they would grow.  We found out the best beans grew in soil, with light and water and made some castles for the beans to grow up, just like in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk…


…we have been working on our personal, social and emotional development.  We made our own puppet shows about feelings, behaviours and consequences…

…we have been practising our turn taking skills by taking part in board game Fridays. We decided on a set of rules that we needed to follow when we are playing and have made posters so everyone remembers them…

…we have spent lots of time learning about technology at school and at home.  We have used a range in the classroom, and really enjoyed programming the Bee Bot to move around a map…

…we have also been having weekly music lessons, with Michael.  We have explored playing a variety of instruments including claves, tambourines, bells, triangles and maracas.  Michael has been teaching us about high and low sounds and loud and quiet sounds as well as lots of new action songs…


…for World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite characters and had a real author, our very own Mr Duxbury, come into our class and read his book to us…

…science week was fab! The Science Wizards came in and we carried out lots of investigations about different ways to make bubbles…


…we learnt some new words predict, investigate and observe and used this language during our investigations.  Here we were investigating how to make a piece of plastercine float…

…we enjoyed  making paper aeroplanes and competing with Moonbeam and Rainbow to see who could fly their aeroplane the furthest.  The winner was Ashlei!


…we had great fun on Celebration Day as well, here we were exploring mixing ingredients to make a volcano…

…for Sports Relief we also had the opportunity to complete an obstacle course which allowed us to move in different ways and build up our confidence using the equipment safely…

Summer Term

Our topic this half term was Mini-beasts.

DSCF6673 DSCF6676

We made maps to show where you can find mini beasts…

DSCF6679 DSCF6704

we’ve been solving number problems including addition, subtraction, halving and doubling…

DSCF6684 DSCF6685

we’ve loved ‘board game Friday’s’…

 DSCF6695 DSCF6696

we have been learning about life cycles, we have enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow in our classrooms and we went to the nature garden to talk about life cycles of chickens and frogs…

 DSCF6715  DSCF6717 DSCF6718 DSCF6719 DSCF6721 DSCF6722

 we became authors and re wrote the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and read them to our friends…

Our next topic is ‘People Who Help Us’.  So please feel free to come into class if you have a job you would like to share with the class.