Sunshine 2018/19

We have been busy settling in to our new classroom and learning the names of our new friends.

We decided we needed some rules in Sunshine Class.  The rules Sunshine Class decided on are:

1.  We walk inside (we run outside)

2.  We use quiet voices indoors

3. We have kind and gentle hands

4. We listen to our adults

5. We look after our toys

6. We put our hands up on the carpet when we want to talk.

We also have some class targets which are to be able to say goodbye to our parent/carer without support, to be able to hang our coats or jumpers on our pegs and put our bookbags in the bookbag box independently and finally to learn the classroom rules.  If we achieve these and make good choices by following the rules Mr Parrot the puppet rewards us with stickers, treasure chests or our name being written under the sun.
The children have been enjoying participating in Jolly Foresters activities in the nature garden where they spend time playing outside, learning and engaging with nature. Here are some highlights from the sessions.
For this term’s Celebration Day, the theme for Early Years was ‘Children around the world’. All the classrooms and the outdoor environment represented different countries in the world. In Sunshine Class, we focused on Ghana in West Africa. The children enjoyed making bracelets, fruit kebabs and designing their own Adinkra symbols.
We have been very busy during the second half our the Autumn term preparing for our Winter Show.  Thank you to everybody who came to watch us.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Everyone loved attending a circus workshop where we learnt the skill of miming and got to show off our dance moves.   We have all enjoyed taking part in some ‘Maths Challenge’ days where we have used the learning environment to show off the Maths skills that we have been learning on the carpet.  Here are some photo’s to show you what we have been up to. 

This half term our topic has been Space.  We have found out the names of the planets and lots of other exciting facts using non fiction books and the internet.  We used our knowledge to make a Guess Who Planet Game.  We read the book The Way Back Home, and designed and made junk model rockets to help the boy from the story get home.  In maths we have been learning to subtract/take away.  We have set lots of number problems to help us use subtraction in a number of ways and have different strategies including counting backwards to get the answer.

We had lots of fun on our Maths Celebration Day, we hope you enjoyed this opportunity to see how we teach maths in a fun and play base way and are able to use some of these ideas at home.

For the second half of the Spring half term we have been learning to tell the story of the Gingerbread man using actions.  We also baked some delicious Gingerbread men.

The children have also enjoyed reading The tiny seed and learning about growth.

In maths this half term we have been continuing to add and subtract by counting on and counting back.  We have also been looking at different patterns and making our own repeating patterns and learning about money.

The children took part in a variety of investigations during science week and we worked on different scientific skills like predicting and observing.   Everybody loved making their own space lava lamps and the children enjoyed the planetarium show.

We also had great fun dressing up for World book day and wearing our pajamas to raise money for Comic relief.