Welcome to Sunshine Class

Autumn Term

We have already been very busy in Sunshine Class.  We have been enjoying exploring our new classroom environment very much.

We have really loved getting messy in our kitchen role play corner.

We have been making cakes and biscuits with playdough.

We read a book called ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’ and we decided to paint and draw some pictures of dinosaurs.


We have been practising our mouse control skills on the laptops and drawing pictures of our families.

We have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.  We sorted these floor shapes in different ways.

We like reading books in our reading jungle.


We have also been learning to recognise and write all the sounds from phase 2 phonics, S,A,T,P,I,N,M,D,G,O,C,K,E,U,R,H,B,F,L,J,V,W,X,Y,Z,FF,LL,SS,ZZ and learning to read and write the words in the front of our reading diaries.


In Mathematics we have been learning about repeating patterns and creating our own to make beautiful necklaces.


We have been adding together two amounts by counting 2 groups, counting on using objects and fingers and recording our number sentences.


Our writing has been really progressing and we are trying hard to use our sounds to write words and then put these words into sentences.


We love cooking in Sunshine Class and this term have made fairy cakes, vegetable soup and apple crumble, all of which tasted delicious!


We had lots of fun experimenting with floating and sinking.  We found lots of objects around the room and made predictions as to whether or not they would sink to the bottom or float at the top of the water.


We had a visit from the fire brigade to tell us about being safe around fires on bonfire night.  We were also lucky enough to have a go on the hose.


We also went on a trip to the Unicorn Theatre to watch a performance of ‘The Fourth Wise Man’.  We loved going on the train and thought the performance was very funny as well.  We are already looking forward to our next trip in the Spring term.

We have also been learning to recognise and write all the sounds from phase 3 phonics, SH, CH, TH, NG, AI, EE, IGH, OA, OO/OO, AR, OR, OI, EAR, AIR, and learning to read and write the words in the front of our reading diaries.

Spring term

DSCF4062 DSCF4093 DSCF4179

In mathematics we have been learning about and solving doubling, halving and sharing problems, using our topics of Jack and the Beanstalk and Easter.


Sunshine class really enjoyed predicting, investigating and observing what happened when they mixed ingredients together to make a volcano.

 DSCF4216 DSCF4192 DSCF4148

This term we have done lots of cooking and talking about the changes that the ingredients go through. We melted chocolate and made chocolate nests, we made biscuits for Red Nose day and we made brownie bites, using only healthy ingredients for Healthy Week, if you want to have a go yourself here’s the recipe


We also found some beans and planted them.  We looked at the changes the bean went through as it grew and looked at what the bean needed to grow.


It was recently Chinese New Year and and Sunshine class had fun finding out about this celebration.  Here are some examples of the children’s Mandarin writing.


Sunshine class have been working collaboratively, practising taking turns and listening to each other this term.  One of the projects was working together to design and make our very own city.